Educational Issues

Our practice has an established relationship with a local educational services coordinator that he has referred to for many years. She has helped many parents smoothly navigate the educational process for their student.

Services provided by our Educational Services Coordinator:

  • Parent/Teacher meetings
  • IEP and 504 Planning
  • ACT/SAT preparation Dyslexia/learning disability/difference referral resource
  • LSI-Learning Styles Inventory Assessment
  • Follow-up Education Sessions
  • Life Skills Coaching for school - junior high - college age
  • Organizational skills - school binders, supplies
  • Study Skills - comprehension, test-taking, graphic organizing for writing
  • Time Management: use of calendars, day timers

Private or Public School Planning

Getting the educational support, accommodations and services that your child needs is, at times, a complicated task. An educational services coordinator listens to your concerns, desires, and goals, and then helps create a plan that works best for you and your child. Her aim is to keep the process as smooth and simple as possible, by making sure that you’re equipped with the right information, and by checking that each step is followed correctly.

Public School

In order to initiate the 504 plan or IEP process, you will need to write a letter to the school. An educational coordinator will help you write the letter, and you will leave her office with the completed copies needed for the professionals in your student’s school district.

Private School

Private schools do not have a structured process called the 504 or IEP. Your school will need a list of your requests for specific accommodations. We have a complete list of accommodations you can request, and together we will discuss which would best fit your child depending on their diagnosis and learning style. We will provide copies of this list to hand out at your student’s school meeting.

For Both Public Or Private Schools:

  • School meetings. Our counselors work with an educational coordinator who is available to accompany you to the school meetings. It can be overwhelming or intimidating to walk through an unknown process in which your child is struggling and you are attempting to help the school understand your child’s needs.
  • ACT accommodations. When a student needs accommodations for the ACT test, such as extended testing time due to a diagnosis of ADHD, there is a specific, time-sensitive process that the school requires us to follow. You will be directed to the proper school district personnel in order to request ACT accommodations and aid you in gathering the necessary documentation needed for verification.
  • It can be helpful to have a follow-up session to discuss and develop strategies and accommodations suited to your child’s personal learning style.
  • It is also beneficial for periodic follow-up meetings to ensure that your student’s home and school accommodations are staying in place and in line with your strategies.

If you have more questions about how your student can be helped, please call our office and we will give you the contact information for the educational services coordinator. She will gladly have a 5 -10 minute, no-charge phone call to determine if she can assist you.

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