Alternative Treatments to Medications

Our practice exists to promote health, not just treat disorders. 

Our mission is to promote health through alternative treatments and natural remedies for anxiety, depression, ADHD and other mental health concerns—meeting individuals and families in their need, and at their comfort level. 

We do not take a hard-line stance against using medications. Many people have experienced tremendous relief and a new freedom in their life using medications. 

When someone receives a mental health diagnosis, questions about other options often surface. 

  • “Are there alternative treatments for depression?”
  • “What are the natural remedies for anxiety?” 
  • “My son has ADD and my doctor says he needs to take medication. Are there alternatives to medication for ADD?”

The answer is a resounding and hopeful yes!

Here are some fundamental concepts about natural healing methods, supported by various branches of science.

Our body has sophisticated systems working in concert together to help it heal itself and to keep the body self regulating and balanced.

Symptoms are not always a result of a broken and diseased body. Many times, the body is relaying distress signals in the form of debilitating symptoms in an attempt to adapt or heal itself, and it gets our attention. To view the symptoms as bad would be like saying a smoke detector is bad for making such a loud and intrusive noise!

Our uncomfortable symptoms invite us to search for the real cause of our body’s imbalance. New research is unlocking the reason for our downstream washout of a plethora of illnesses, which result from our body’s adaptive responses to:

  • Toxicity of stress, due to negative thinking and chronic conflictual relationships or life situations
  • Processed foods and contaminated plants poisoned from chemicals, which destroy our gut microbiome
  • Environmental and product toxins compromising our body’s functioning on a cellular level
  • Our immune system’s over-response in a fight to protect us 
  • Overuse of antibiotics and other medications 

My decades-long career has led me to believe that traditional medication does not have to be the first and only choice of treatment. My dedicated research has led me to study psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics, quantum science, and the newer understanding of the brain-gut-axis theory (which explains how the microbiome of our gut is a critical player in our body-brain function). These offer up many scientifically sound alternatives.

These new understandings are helping unlock the body’s response to stressors, which trigger a cascading release of chemicals, resulting in inflammation. The consequence is an  increased risk of many of the chronic physical conditions of heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, and some cancers. We now know the same is true for our mental health conditions. 

It used to be held that we were bound by our genes, but we now know that isn’t wholly true. To put it one way: genes may load the gun, but lifestyle stressors pull the trigger. The new science is revealing that over 90 percent of genes are still uncoded, which means that only a small percent direct and dictate genetic hardwiring. The rest are waiting to be turned on depending on the signals it receives from our emotional states.

The bad news is that much of our physical and mental health is in our own hands. The good news is that much of our physical and mental health is in our own hands!  

Let’s stop looking for the cause of disease and find the causes for health. 

I do not embrace the conventional medical model that the body is broken, bad, or has turned against us and needs to be fixed with a drug.

My intrigue with researchers who embrace symptoms as “dis-ease” and not “disease” has led me to a host of natural options for healing, which are noninvasive and more synergistic with our body’s multiple communication signals of feedback loops which heal and keep us regulated. We are not like a car with separate isolated parts assembled to just coordinate with one another. Rather, we are learning more about the elegant and sophisticated interdependent constant signalling of our cells throughout our whole body from head to toe. It’s beautifully marvelous!   

Fevers, aches, pains, feeling depressed or anxious, brain fog, fatigue—these symptoms are not the body warring against itself. They are the body’s own adaptive response to an imbalance in our life.  

The newer branches of science in the Western world are finally coming around to conclusions held for thousands of years in Eastern medicine, which is that our body has its own intelligence to heal.

When we are “sick,” we are invited to explore our inner wisdom and make changes to our life so that we are aligned in a healthy balance of mind, body and soul called homeostasis. This is the body as a whole motherboard circuitry, controlling for a stable equilibrium for all bodily systems. None operate as a closed solo system. They are all in concert as interdependent elements, maintained by physiological processes, with the express goal of survival of the body, peace for our spirit, and well-being for our emotions.

It only makes sense, when we don’t feel well, to explore what is pushing against this natural balance and find the source of it. 

Taking a medication doesn’t bring healing to the core issue. While it may effectively alleviate distress, it is only pushing the beach ball under the water. Which in itself, creates a secondary stress on the body, which can cascade into other symptoms, possibly leading to dependency on multiple medications over a lifetime. Medications have their own side effects that can cause discomfort or inflict damage.

I do not hold the view that all medications are bad all the time. Sometimes in life-threatening situations, the only alternative is to employ it, and it saves our life. Sometimes, clients report using medications to alleviate distressful symptoms allowing them time to find a more natural alternative. Or clients use both at the same time. It’s a personal choice for each and every person to make their own informed decision of how to integrate both natural and traditional or choose one or the other. We will explain all the options available for both Holistic and traditional. Together, based on the different presenting life scenarios, we will help our clients make a choice that works well for them and their family.   

For many of our modern-day ailments, we can work with our body’s own built-in defense mechanisms and leverage its tendency toward homeostasis to align us with health.  

Freedom from emotional distress, brain fog, fatigue, lack of attention and focus is a realistic expectation when we know how to listen to our body and let it lead us to a peaceful orientation.

Clients at our practice have found many natural remedies for anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other issues.  

  • Brain Gut Axis intervention
  • Mindfulness meditation and prayer
  • Mind-body practices such as yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, etc.  
  • Neurofeedback therapy
  • Chiropractic medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 
  • Supplements and essential oils
  • Maintaining healthy relationships

It is important to note these treatments can have differing outcomes. Some are for reducing or permanently eliminating symptoms. Others only manage the symptoms while undergoing the treatment—meaning if you remove the treatment, then the symptoms can return. Others fortify the body to optimize the efficacy of a treatment. Some of these are life-giving daily practices that can help us maintain a life free from “dis-ease.”  

If you are experiencing “dis-ease" or have already been diagnosed with a “disorder” and are interested in learning more about natural alternatives to medication…

Or if you’re experiencing side-effects from medication and would like to explore other options…

Or if you are interested in learning new lifestyle habits to help you achieve clear-thinking, with capacity and margin to live a full life, free of unnecessary emotional pain…

Are you ready to take the next step?