ADHD & Young Adults

While many thrive away at college, it is not uncommon for some young adults to struggle out of high school in finding their footing. 

Young adults face many unique challenges these days, and the transition from home life to independence can be swift and surprising for some. The clinicians at NPS take an empathic yet practical approach with these 18-25 year-olds.

Confidentiality between the young adult, parent and counselor

Many of our young adults are still living full-time (or when home from college) with their parents. Many times, it is the parent who has initiated and encouraged their young adult to talk with a counselor. We know it can be tricky waters when talking with our young adult clients and their parents. We have heard many stories of parents experiencing being closed out of the counseling process when they have sought help in the past. We also know that it is critical to respect the confidentiality of our young adult client. There needs to be a balance of communication between the client, parent and counselor. 

Dr. Neal has invested over 30 years answering the question, “What is ADHD?” He developed an ADHD intake assessment, to be filled out prior to the first session. The evaluation is based on the completed intake form and an interview with the parents.

There are lots of reasons why a young adult will struggle to keep up with college, homelife or job demands. Dr. Neal’s assessment is designed to tease out what is the real culprit getting in the way of your young adult being who they were created to be. Whether it is ADHD, underlying depression, anxiety, social life situations, we will identify what needs to be addressed. NPS has counselors available for both young men or women.

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