Cost for ADHD Evaluations

What makes us different is how we diagnose. With over 41 years of experience, Dr. Neal does not automatically assume that every symptom that looks like ADHD is proof of ADHD.

He performs a comprehensive intake and analysis to find the right diagnosis, the first time. He won’t move forward with a treatment plan until his diagnosis rings true with you on every level (heart, mind, gut instinct) and clearly names your experience.

ADHD Assessment Procedure and Cost

Dr. Neal developed an ADHD intake assessment specifically designed for the diagnosis of ADHD. It is not a typical neuropsychological battery, which studies show cannot fully measure the symptoms of ADHD because it only has a 5% correlation to the diagnosis for ADHD. Dr. Neal knows he must ask the right questions that reflect the person over their whole lifespan, in different settings, with different types of people, to get at the heart of ADHD behaviors and mindsets. 

  • You will fill out an online intake prior to the first session. In your first session, he will review the intake you filled out. It may take 1 to 3 sessions to collect all the information in the intake, depending on how complex your history is. He prefers to meet with parents or spouses of the person seeking the evaluation which may include an additional session.
  • After he completes the intake, you will take a TOVA computer test which provides a robust quantitative marker for ADHD. It measures attention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. This is an in-office or at-home computer test.
  • You will then follow up with Dr Neal, and he will review your testing results after analyzing all your clinical information and arrive at a diagnosis. This is called the diagnostic feedback session. In that session, he will offer the most innovative approaches of natural approaches which harness our bodies’ own innate systems for focus and self-regulation, to help eradicate or decrease ADHD symptoms. He will also discuss with you a traditional medication approach, if you so desire. While medication has been found to be effective and helpful for many people, Dr Neal is excited that he can offer highly effective treatments that are not based on medication alone.

Sessions & Rate Information

Appointments Individual With Parents/Spouse

Comprehensive Intake - 1-3 sessions (45 to 53+ min)
Past history, psycho-emotional evaluation, 14 screenings   

$210 or $190 each session


$210 or $190 each session


TOVA ADHD Computer Test & IQ testing -
Evaluation for inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity 





Diagnosis Feedback Session
A diagnosis is made based on all the data collected in all the prior sessions and testing.

Your next step for treatment options will be discussed in this session. An additional session may be scheduled to further explore the multiple approaches to treatments.






$1470 (4 sessions and testing) or more if additional sessions needed.


$1470 (4 sessions & testing) or more if additional sessions needed.

*The rates are dependent on insurance criteria of which cpt codes can be used based on your insurance plan.

If you have already been diagnosed with ADHD, you may need less sessions. Or, your situation may be more complex. Sometimes when evaluating for ADHD, it is determined that the individual does not have ADHD but rather another psychological or medical condition. Sometimes, you have ADHD plus a co-occurring disorder such as depression, anxiety, OCD, bi-polar, etc. In either case, this may take less or more sessions to evaluate and arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

First 1 to 3 appointments:  "Look under every rock."

We will screen for 14+ different conditions to rule in or rule out: sensory integration disorder, depression, anxiety, bipolar, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, sleep disorder, learning disabilities, auditory processing disorder, visual processing disorder, conduct/oppositional defiant disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, emotional issues related to current situations (family issues, divorce, bullying, etc), drug/alcohol abuse, and past brain injury. The health of your gut is explored, since there is a strong connection between our brain function and the health of our microbiome in our gut.

Please bring in (or email) any past neurological, psychological, or educational evaluations for Dr. Neal to review.

After our assessment is completed you may be referred out for further evaluation for: Sleep study, visual or auditory processing disorder evaluation, sensory integration issues assessment, nutritional consult, chiropractic care, or neurofeedback therapy.

Going Forward

Appointments Charges

ADHD COACHING – Insurance covers

Same as counseling rates



COUNSELING - Individual (45-53+ min)


COUNSELING - Marriage/Family (45 min)








504/IEP PLANNING (45-53+ min)


TUTORING - referred out


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