ADHD Couples Counseling

ADHD symptoms add consistent and predictable patterns to relationships in which one or both partners have ADHD. If the ADHD remains untreated or under-treated, these patterns can leave both partners feeling unhappy, lonely, and overwhelmed by their relationship.

ADHD & Couples 1_350.jpgDo you or your partner have ADHD? If so, it can be freeing and healing for both parties in the relationship to understand how ADHD plays out daily. Many of the couples we have worked with say that gaining an understanding of ADHD has helped to untangle and heal the longstanding challenges of their relationship. 

For many, unrecognized and untreated ADHD becomes a log jam of misunderstandings that creates hurt feelings for both partners. Our counselors can help you work together as you strive to:

  • Manage finances
  • Handle household responsibilities
  • Raise children
  • Try to connect and resolve differences
  • Sustain intimacy

These issues are complex enough without the added complication of a neurodevelopmental disorder. ADHD can further distort or impair your ability to team up smoothly and feel united.

At NPS, we take a practical approach, speaking specifically to the unique ADHD issues that have arisen in your relationship.

ADHD & Couples 2_350.jpgWe do more than assess and diagnose ADHD. We work in tandem with an online course created by Melissa Orlov, who knows the disorder’s impact on relationships. Couples will start by watching the course before meeting with Peter Neal, MA, to unpack what they have learned. 

At NPS, there is NO judgment, NO shaming, and NO blaming . . . just compassionate, helpful, and practical information that allows you to have the relationship you desire.

Over time, you will:

  • Learn how to trust again
  • Get out of destructive patterns such as parent/child dynamics or chore wars
  • Become closer to your partner than you have ever been
  • Find the joy and intimacy you miss
  • Let go of anger and frustration
  • Move from “correcting problems” to “enjoying each other”
  • Navigate and optimize your ADHD treatments
  • Feel hope for your relationship
  • Cope with having a partner who is not yet in control of their anger
  • Improve your communication skills

To learn more about our ADHD and Couples Counseling services, call 815-477-4727. We will help you schedule a no-charge, 15-minute, no-obligation meet and greet with Peter to ensure it’s a good fit.

Keep in mind that counseling is typically covered by insurance, and NPS is a BCBS PPO provider. There is also an additional fee of $279 for the online course that is not covered by insurance and will go directly to Melissa Orlov—the owner and presenter of the course. You can access her program here.

Are you ready to take the next step?