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When you’re feeling overwhelmed, counseling can help you make sense of your emotions and find a way to adapt. If you live in Barrington, IL, and need support as you navigate grief, a divorce, parenting conflicts, or some other challenge, Neal Psychological Specialties is here for you. 

Our counselors are trained, skilled, and compassionate. We understand the needs of people living in our local community and are here to help people from all age groups, faiths, genders, and backgrounds. 

To ensure that all your counseling needs are met, we offer a long list of comprehensive services. Give us a call when you need counseling in any of the following areas:

With our counseling services, you’ll find it easier to reach your goals and achieve a life of health, wellness, and happiness. Keep reading for a further breakdown of what our counseling services in Barrington, IL, include.

Depression Counseling in Barrington, IL

Depression is a mental health illness that affects millions of Americans each year. In our counseling center, we help people from all walks of life as they struggle to navigate the symptoms of depression. 

We always start with talk therapy, to see if we can identify and work through a “root cause” or situation that has caused a client’s depression. From there, we move on to other natural treatments, including the use of Neurofeedback therapy, detoxing, exercise, and more. 

Our goal is always to help our clients reach a greater level of wellness and being. If you’re ready to get a handle on your depression, schedule a meet and greet with one of our counselors today.

Anxiety Counseling in Barrington, IL

The effects of anxiety can range from inconvenient to paralyzing. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, counseling is a great solution. 

At Neal Psychological Specialties, we treat anxiety through a variety of natural means. One of the most effective treatments we offer is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. This treatment plan focuses on interrupting and redirecting feelings of anxiety. That way, you can distract yourself for long enough to refocus on the reality in front of you.

Family Counseling in Barrington, IL

Working through difficult family dynamics takes patience and compassion. If your family needs support in finding common ground and relearning how to communicate, our counselors are here for you.

We understand that the many difficulties of life can leave you feeling stuck and unable to work through problems. And we want to help each of you reconnect and rebuild trust, one step at a time.

Marriage/Couples Counseling in Barrington, IL

A healthy relationship is built on respect and affection for one another. If recent challenges or the wear and tear of life has made it difficult to feel cared for and respected in your marriage, it’s time to consider counseling. At Neal Psychological Specialties, we help partners heal from the wounds of betrayal, pornography, and/or neglect. If you’re ready to reconnect with your loved one, call today to meet with a counselor.

Alternative Natural Treatments in Barrington, IL

Many counseling centers will prescribe medication first and ask questions later. At Neal Psychological Specialties, we know that medications are often necessary and helpful, but we like to explore alternative natural treatments as well. In our center, we believe that ADHD, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues can be treated through natural processes.

We are here to help you reduce your stress levels, avoid processed or toxic foods, and cut back on antibiotics or other medications that affect your body’s inner workings. These natural treatments are based on science and designed to boost your overall health.

Counseling for ADHD in Barrington, IL

You can’t treat ADHD without a proper and accurate diagnosis. In our clinic, we offer an FDA-cleared and computerized test to diagnose ADHD for clients between the ages of four and eighty. This test allows us to establish a baseline of the person’s performance so that we can accurately prescribe treatment.

If you are ready to finally determine whether ADHD plays a role in your mental health, please call our center. We have helped countless clients in the Barrington area get a diagnosis and manage the negative side effects of ADHD.

Adolescent and Teen Counseling in Barrington, IL

We know that our teenage clients are looking for connection and understanding, not just treatment. That’s why we focus on building strong relationships with those we work with in this age group. We have both male and female counselors who specialize in supporting teenagers and helping them build a stronger sense of self-worth. With our help, your adolescent loved one will find balance and purpose in life.

Counseling for Women in Barrington, IL

We have been proud to serve the women of Barrington, IL, for more than 30 years. As longtime members of the community, we understand firsthand the different challenges facing women in this area. If you’re ready to meet with a counselor who is skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate, schedule your 15-minute meet and greet. We’ll make sure you match up with a counselor you can really connect with.

Counseling for Men in Barrington, IL

Many of our male clients from Barrington, IL, suffer from tremendous stress as a result of their work lives, home lives, and finances. If you fall into this category, trust that our counselors are here to help you find balance and peace.

We know that many men feel trapped in a way of life that is just not working and we specialize in helping our clients find a practical approach to change. We’ve worked in Barrington, IL, for many decades and are uniquely qualified to support clients in this area.

Christian Counseling in Barrington, IL

In our years of service, we’ve been approached by countless clients looking for faith-based counseling. While we serve people from all walks of life, including all genders, nationalities, and religions, we do provide Christian counseling for those who are interested. We know that it can be helpful to meet with someone who understands your mindset and life view, and we look forward to helping you achieve greater health through a faith-centered lens.

LGBTQ Counseling in Barrington, IL

The LGBTQ community of Barrington, IL, faces many unique challenges. Not only are they more likely to experience anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, but they continue to face prejudices and discrimination on a daily basis. As a result, members of this community may feel unwilling or unable to ask for help.

If you are ready to get a handle on the issues you face, trust the LGBTQ counseling specialists at NPS. We will help you care for your mental health in a safe environment so that you can achieve a happier and more satisfying life.

Counseling for Educational Issues in Barrington, IL

We are proud to have served the Barrington, IL, community with educational counseling for the last several decades. In these years, we have teamed up with schools, teachers, and parents to help students achieve their educational goals. Specifically, we have experience with the IEP and 504 processes.

Are you ready for our counselors to help lighten your load in supporting a student through the highs and lows of their educational journey? Call us today to learn more about how we can help.

Young Adult Counseling in Barrington, IL

Transitioning from life at home to the next big thing can be challenging for many young adults. This is a unique time in which many people feel unable to decide what comes next. At Neal Psychological Specialties, our counselors have experience and training in helping clients within this age group. We work hand in hand with parents and their young adult children to create a practical plan for moving forward.

Substance Abuse in Barrington, IL

After you have completed either an inpatient or outpatient addiction recovery program, you will need continuing support to maintain your sobriety. Our counselors are specially equipped to help you navigate the unique challenges you face at this time. Specifically, we will help you find ways to manage stress, avoid known triggers, and create social groups that support (rather than hinder) your sobriety. Managing the ongoing urge to use again is the key to finding long-term success. Allow NPS to help you get there.

Pornography Counseling in Barrington, IL

Our counselors understand that overcoming a pornography addiction comes down to more than just willpower. As with any addiction, pornography use can alter a person’s brain chemistry and change the way they think or behave. If you are ready to manage your pornography use, our counselors will address the underlying neuro wiring that has ensnared you.

Trauma Recovery in Barrington, IL

According to the American Psychological Association, trauma is described as the emotional response a person has to an “extremely negative experience”. This might include an abusive relationship, a severe illness, the death of a loved one, a divorce, or something from your childhood. No matter the cause of your trauma, the result is often the same: crippling anxiety, depression, and more.

Our counselors are here to support you in your recovery from trauma. We recognize that the results of trauma are more similar to a brain injury than an illness and we have the tools to help you find relief.

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