• Maria Mangiardi, LCPC

    Maria Mangiardi, LCPC


Maria Mangiardi, LCPC

Maria received both her Bachelor of Science in health care leadership and Master of Science in community counseling from National Louis University. She continues to stay current on new counseling skills by attending seminars and continuing education courses. She works with adults over the age of 18.

Maria believes that a journey of self-discovery and personal growth empowers individuals to develop self-love, self-worth, and deeper meaning in their lives. She encourages honesty, acceptance, and forgiveness in order to heal and release inner struggles. She creates a trusting environment integrating a collaborative approach to exploring issues and finding solutions.

Life will continually present new challenges, while the tools needed to face them in a healthy and positive way can be remarkably simple and effective. Maria’s strategies of using mindfulness techniques, emotional-regulation skills, and a variety of coping mechanisms can help you deal with both everyday stressors and major life events. It is very possible to control racing thoughts and surging emotions which allows you to stay calm in anxiety-producing situations. Maria’s compassionate and empathetic support during therapy will help you build your self-esteem, find confidence to use your voice, and develop positive effective communication. Maria has a passion for integrating mind, body, and soul—which is the essence of building a solid foundation of integrated, sustainable health. 

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