Counseling In Crystal Lake, IL

We are a caring team of professional counselors, serving Crystal Lake over 30 yrs. We offer a wide range of specialties for all ages and concerns.  We are located at 185 Heritage Drive, Unit 1, Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014.

Counseling Services In Crystal Lake, IL

We offer comprehensive counseling services in Crystal Lake including:

Alternative Natural Treatments in Crystal Lake

We have been helping Crystal lake residents choose alternative treatments first rather than medications for many years. Our mission is to promote health through natural remedies for anxiety, depression, ADHD and other mental health concerns—meeting individuals and families in their need, and at their comfort level. 

We do not take a hard-line stance against using medications. Many people have experienced tremendous relief and a new freedom in their life using medications. Yet, many of our clients will request that we explore all natural options first before trying medications.  

Family Counseling in Crystal Lake

We are intimately acquainted with the paramount stressors on our Crystal Lake families these days. It is our mission to come alongside our parents to help their children navigate school academics, peer pressure and the negative influence of too much screen time.  

Family life can be especially challenging for our single parents and we understand the unique pressures trying to balance work life while raising kids.

Crystal Lake Marriage & Couples Counseling

We are committed to helping our Crystal Lake couples communicate more effectively. Marital distress or chronic conflict is at the core of many people’s unhappiness. We also help couples heal from the deeper wounds of betrayal, pornography, infidelity, or years of neglect. Our heart’s desire is to help you take the next step and renew your hope.

ADHD in Crystal Lake

We are premier in the speciality of  evaluation for ADHD. We have been helping individuals, families and marriages in Crystal lake for over 30 yrs.  We offer assessments to help tease out if ADD/ADHD or another condition or both is responsible for what is the cause of a person’s struggles.  

Many people are misdiagnosed with ADHD or this condition gets missed in the midst of the family or marriage struggles. Our ADHD computer test helps to tease out ADHD from other conditions so we can arrive at a clear diagnosis.  

After we diagnose, we offer ADHD coaching and support for the marriage/family for school, home life and work. We will offer alternative natural treatment options to medications as well as discuss the pros and cons of medications. 

Adolescents and Teens in Crystal Lake

We have specialized in working with Crystal Lake adolescents & teens for over 40 yrs. It has been our passion to help this age group navigate the many obstacles facing them socially, academically and in their families. Balancing technology and too much screen time, homework and home life has been an increasing challenge for our parents.  

Your teen will find our counselors easy to approach and able to gain the trust and respect needed to speak into their life if they are struggling with depression, anxiety, self harm or challenging dating relationships. We believe in including parents and family members in the counseling process.  

Men in Crystal Lake

Our counselors know the language to engage the men in the Crystal Lake area. There are multiple homelife, professional, financial and societal pressures on men that create high levels of stress. This results in physical and mental fatigue, feeling worn down, using alcohol, food or TV to self medicate or burned out.  

We help men in their various roles create a life script that can help them be balanced, successful and available to the important people in their life.   

Women in Crystal Lake

Women need to be heard and feel understood. Staying balanced with children, professional careers, self care, and relationships is challenging at best. We meet you where you are at, offering you tools to navigate through your current concern and move to the next step.  

Our approach is holistic—including body, mind, and spirit. We bring extensive experience in the area of counseling for women in the Crystal Lake area.

LGBTQ in Crystal Lake

Our counselors serve our Crystal Lake residents who are part of the LGBTQ community. Our counselor is sensitive, empathetic and skilled in understanding the unique pressures that arise with self acceptance, dealing with family members, peer acceptance with sexual orientation and transitioning. 

Substance Abuse in Crystal lake

Our counselors support our Crystal Lake residents by coming alongside the individual after they have taken the first step toward sobriety and completed a substance abuse program for alcohol or drug abuse.  

We have a counselor who specializes and has years of experience in supporting the individual in recovery and family members by helping them to understand how to support their loved one in their recovery.

Neal Psychological Specialties in Crystal Lake, IL

We have been serving the Crystal lake area for over 30 years. We offer a variety of types of counseling for all ages covering a wide range of psychological counseling and testing services. Reach out to us today.

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