ADHD Coaching

We have our own ADHD therapist and coach on site or available via teletherapy. Our coaching is covered by insurance if you have insurance for counseling which can include ADHD behavioral therapy.

At NPS, we understand that ADHD coaching is essential, not just a compliment to treatment for someone with ADHD. Time management and organization must be managed differently when someone has ADHD. It is NOT about willpower or trying harder. An ADHD coach has many tools, strategies and resources that uniquely equips and leverages the positive side of ADHD.

Our NPS ADHD coaching also integrates Mindfulness techniques and practices for the person struggling with feeling overwhelmed with meeting life’s deadlines and pressures.

Services that a coach provides:

  • Life skills coaching for college age person for school and adulting
  • Coaching parents of students with ADHD
  • Practical techniques for streamlining work responsibilities and home life
  • Teaming with physicians, psychologists, and educators, to harmonize the various layers of support that are needed

“Coaching has been one of the best decisions I could have made! I have been working with my coach over the last year and we have accomplished so much, in such a short time.

Before I understood my ADHD and started working with a coach, I was constantly overwhelmed because my life was disorganized and my marriage was in stress mode because my spouse was frustrated with me so much.

The coaching experience helped me to get serious about ADHD, no longer living in denial and thinking ‘I’ll just try harder next time.’ Now, I have been able to learn consistent practices which have helped with every day organization, dealing with stress levels, improving social skills and maintaining positive relationships at home.

With these new successes, I no longer see ADHD as a negative disorder but rather, I can make the most of the ADHD positive traits at home, work and my relationships.

I highly recommend the coaching process, it can be very effective, well worth the time and investment.”


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