• Peter Neal, MA

    Peter Neal, MA


Peter Neal, MA

PETER offers both remote and in person (masked/unmasked) therapy sessions.


Peter completed his Master’s degree at Roosevelt University integrating mental health and social justice. During his graduate work, he interned at St. Elizabeth hospital in Chicago focusing on care coordination for pediatric/adolescent/adult individuals and groups. He previously worked for a humanitarian aviation organization, spending seven years in Indonesia. Peter applies his international experience to understanding different viewpoints held by clients. 

Diagnosed with ADHD in 7th grade, Peter has extensive personal and professional experience addressing its challenges. He enjoys a daily mindfulness practice and instructs his clients in its basic application to ADHD, behavioral addictions, and anxiety. Non-traditional relationships are becoming more ubiquitous, and Peter is enthusiastic about helping clients navigate new territory with self-awareness. For clients who are deconstructing or struggling with long-held belief systems, Peter seeks to be a witness and support to their unique spiritual journey.

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