Empathetic and Supportive Counseling in McHenry, IL

With more than 30 years of counseling experience on our side, NPS is especially qualified to help local community members who are struggling. Whether you are dealing with a mental health issue or just going through a hard time, we are here to help you find new ways to think about and cope with the situation.

If you live in McHenry, IL, and are ready to try counseling, give us a call. We offer free 15-minute meet and greets to get to know you and allow you to make a connection with one of our counselors.  

We are here for you through all of life’s many highs and lows. That’s why our counselors specialize in the following areas of therapeutic service: 

No matter what you are facing, our counselors are here to help you get through it. Turn to NPS for compassion, empathy, and support.

Christian Counseling in McHenry, IL

For every client we work with, the goals are always the same: to overcome difficulty, find meaning and joy, and become emotionally and mentally free. To achieve these objectives, we try to frame our therapeutic services through a lens that speaks to and resonates with the client.

If you are looking for guidance and support from a Christian perspective, our counselors are here for you. We will frame our sessions around your backgrounds, interests, and type of faith to create a personal healing plan that is specific to you.

Family Counseling in McHenry, IL

It’s normal to hit roadblocks in the relationships that mean the most to us. Every family goes through difficult times and we could all use a little extra guidance and support when we do. If you and your loved ones are struggling to move forward toward hope and healing, give us a call. We can help you learn how to better communicate, problem-solve, and heal.

Marriage/Couples Counseling in McHenry, IL

The last few years have been especially difficult for married and coupled people in McHenry, IL. Between the pandemic, economic uncertainty, and political turmoil, there are a lot of new and disconcerting issues to grapple with. Add to this the normal highs and lows that every couple faces, and it can feel impossible to find a happy way forward. 

Fortunately, our counselors are here to help the two of you make sense of the world and feel hope and peace. We’ll teach you how to better communicate and trust each other as you heal from past traumas and move forward together.

Counseling for Men in McHenry, IL

For men in McHenry, IL, there are many competing ideas about what it means to be a man in the workplace, at home, and in one’s personal life. If you are struggling to find your place in life, a counselor can help guide you to greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

We also provide counseling that will help you work through addiction, a mental health issue, an ADHD diagnosis, or a range of other challenges. We can’t wait to get started on your path to happiness and healing.

Counseling for Women in McHenry, IL

Our counseling center has so much love and respect for the women in McHenry, IL. We consider it an honor to have served you for more than 30 years and look forward to many more years of doing so.

Schedule a session with one of our counselors whenever you are in need of additional support. It is our primary priority to ensure that you are seen, heard, and understood every time you enter our center. We can also create a treatment plan for your depression, anxiety, eating disorder, infertility, or relationship issues.

Young Adult Counseling in McHenry, IL

Some young adults move on to college and/or a career with no major challenges. Others need a little help and guidance along the way. If you are looking for some additional support for your young adult loved one, our counselors are uniquely qualified to step in. 

We know how quickly the transition from home life to independence can come and we want to ensure that your child has everything needed to succeed. Trust us to take a practical yet empathetic approach to counseling.

Adolescent and Teen Counseling in McHenry, IL

None of us make it through our teen years unscathed, but some of us have greater challenges than others. If your adolescent needs some extra guidance as they navigate high school, social media, bullying, or other age-related difficulties, our counselors are here for you. 

We work carefully to create a safe space for our teenage clients and their families because we know how vulnerable people in the age group can be. We offer both male and female counselors for this age group and will do whatever else we can to make the counseling experience a positive one.

Pornography Counseling in McHenry, IL

If you are trying to manage a pornography addiction but finding it difficult, please understand that it is not a reflection of your willpower or sense of morality. Addiction changes a person’s brain chemistry—making it extremely difficult to overcome without support. At NPS, we specialize in pornography counseling to help those in McHenry, IL, who struggle with this kind of addiction.

We will start by helping you build your knowledge around this particular addiction. From there, we can create a plan for moving forward and help you gain access to a supportive community that understands where you are coming from.

Substance Abuse Recovery in McHenry, IL

Our team understands and respects the importance of completing an inpatient or outpatient recovery program as the first step to overcoming substance abuse. We prefer to step in with our counseling services after this first step has been completed. 

If you are just leaving a recovery program and looking for support through the next big steps, please get in touch. Our counselors can help you continue to maintain your sobriety for long-term results.

ADHD Counseling in McHenry, IL

We offer ADHD and ADHD couples counseling to support our clients and their loved ones. We believe that there are many positive experiences that come from an ADHD diagnosis, but it can also present difficulties from time to time. Our counselors specialize in diagnosing and supporting people with the disorder, no matter their age or circumstances.

LGBTQ Support in McHenry, IL

We love and support the LGBTQ community of McHenry, IL. We also understand that people within this community are more likely to suffer from mental health disorders and experience discrimination from healthcare providers. That’s why our counselors work tirelessly to ensure that every person who enters our clinic feels seen, heard, and understood. Schedule your 15-minute meet and greet today so we can begin discussing your counseling needs.

Trauma Recovery in McHenry, IL

Overcoming a traumatic event is not something that can be accomplished in a matter of days. Instead, it takes constant effort and support. At NPS, we understand that the effects of trauma are more similar to an injury than a disorder or disease, and we have adjusted our treatments accordingly. Allow us to help you identify and avoid your triggers as you move forward to a place of greater healing and wellness.

Anxiety Counseling in McHenry, IL

Anxiety is among the most common mental health diagnoses in the United States. And yet, people who struggle with this disorder often have intense feelings of isolation and loneliness. If you are dealing with frequent feelings of dread, tension, and/or restlessness, give us a call. We can help you divert and distract from anxious thoughts so that you can experience a more positive and hopeful existence.

Depression Counseling in McHenry, IL

For those experiencing depression in McHenry, IL, the disorder may feel impossible to overcome. But if you are willing and ready to ask for a little support, you will find that through small and simple steps, you can find relief. 

Our counselors are specialized in treating depression through a range of treatments. With a mixture of short-term psychotherapies, natural treatments, and Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, we can help you put an end to the pain and suffering you’ve been living with.

Counseling for Educational Issues in McHenry, IL

Educational issues can often catch parents off guard. At NPS, we know and understand the scholastic programs and systems of McHenry, IL, and can step in at any time to provide support and understanding. Our services include everything from providing dyslexia resources, to IEP and 504 planning, LSI assessments, and more. We will help to make your child’s educational experience more smooth and easier to navigate.

Alternative Natural Treatments in McHenry, IL

The purpose of our practice is to promote health, not just treat disorders. So if you are looking for a counselor who will consider your overall well-being, NPS is the place for you. We offer a long line of alternative natural treatments so that we can help clients avoid medication whenever possible. Give us a call today to learn more about alternative treatments for anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more.

Arrange a Meet and Greet with One of Our Counselors

The best part of counseling is finding a therapist who you feel really sees and understands you. That’s why we offer free 15-minute meet and greets so that you can ensure a good fit with one of our counselors. Call today to schedule a meeting and get started on your counseling experience.

Are you ready to take the next step?