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in Grayslake, IL

Finding health, happiness, and balance is not a journey that can be completed overnight. If you are struggling to find purpose and stability in your life, give Neal Psychological Specialties a call. We serve clients from all over the state, including Grayslake, IL. And we can help you no matter where on the journey you currently reside.

Above all, we want to help you find a balance between your mental, physical, and spiritual selves. Our team can do that in a variety of ways, including via diagnostic services, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, traditional talk therapy, and other effective treatments. Here is an overview of our most asked-for specialties:

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LGBTQ Counseling in Grayslake, IL

The stigma around mental illness and the fear of discrimination make it difficult for members of the LGBTQ community to seek help. Know that NPS is a safe and nonjudgmental place for you, regardless of your sexuality, gender identity, or expression. Whether you are interested in individual counseling, couple/marriage counseling, or family counseling, trust our team to take care of you every step of the way. 

Educational Issues in Grayslake, IL

Your child’s educational journey has likely had its fill of ups and downs. If you are tired of riding the rollercoaster alone, seek help from a qualified counselor. NPS has partnered with a local educational services coordinator to provide you with the best care possible. Here, you can work with someone who knows the system inside and out and can offer you and your child effective guidance. 

Christian Counseling in Grayslake, IL

For many people, faith is at the heart of every thought and decision. If you would like to incorporate your Christian beliefs into your counseling sessions, all you have to do is ask. Either way, our team is here to help you find purpose, joy, and stability so you can move toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Rest assured that our Christian counseling sessions are never forceful, heavy-handed, or ignorant of your physical and psychological needs. 

Counseling for Anxiety in Grayslake, IL

Around 30% of all adults in the United States will experience clinical anxiety at some point in their lives. If your anxious thoughts and feelings are causing you to lose sleep, develop headaches/stomach aches, or feel uncharacteristically irritable, you may be among this number. The first step to finding peace is obtaining an accurate diagnosis. Turn to NPS and our team will get to the bottom of your condition so we can prescribe an effective form of treatment.

Marriage & Couples Counseling in Grayslake, IL

If your relationship has reached a stumbling block, it may feel as if there is no path forward. Through counseling, you and your partner can work together to break down barriers and move forward with renewed hope. Whether you are looking to reconnect, overcome a betrayal, or develop healthier modes of communication, we can equip you with the tools to do so.

Counseling for Depression in Grayslake, IL

Depression looks different for different people. Your symptoms may include persistent hopelessness, pessimism, sleep problems, loss of energy, or all of the above. Whatever the case, counseling is proven effective in managing the symptoms of depression and helping sufferers find relief and freedom. To learn more about the many depression-related services available at our center, call us today. 

Family Counseling in Grayslake, IL

We take great pride and joy in helping Grayslake families communicate more effectively. If you or your loved ones do not feel heard, it can be difficult to find common ground, despite best intentions. Our team is here to provide a safe space for working through issues, establishing healthier connections, and rebuilding trust and respect. Together, we can build a stronger foundation for your family to stand on. 

Counseling for Substance Use Disorder in Grayslake, IL

Prescription drug abuse is the fastest-growing drug problem in the United States. That’s why it has been classified as an epidemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you or a loved one are struggling under the weight of a substance use disorder, it’s never too late to seek help. After completing an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program, turn to NPS for help with your sobriety. Follow-up support is immensely important during this phase of your journey.

Teen & Adolescent Counseling in Grayslake, IL

The many difficulties of adolescence are a tale as old as time. But going through those challenges yourself does not mean you are necessarily equipped to help your child weather their own journey. If you and your loved one need support, NPS is here. We work hard to establish positive connections with our teen clients, as well as their parents. Our center will become a safe space for both of you to talk freely about what’s going on in your lives. 

Counseling for Young Adults in Grayslake, IL

Some young adults thrive after high school, but it’s not uncommon for someone to struggle to find their footing. Moving from high school to independent living can be very stressful and challenging. If you or a loved one need support at this time, we are here to offer empathetic but practical guidance. We also specialize in finding a balance between respecting a young person’s confidentiality and building a healthy line of communication between parent and child. 

ADHD Counseling in Grayslake, IL

Left undiagnosed and untreated, ADHD can result in feelings of loneliness and unhappiness. That’s why we take such great pride in offering diagnostic services and support for individuals, couples, and families with ADHD. We offer a host of non-medication approaches to treatment; call today so we can tell you more. 

Trauma Recovery in Grayslake, IL

Often, we think of trauma in regard to a physical or violent event. While this is certainly true for some, trauma can also stem from psychological or emotional distress as well. Regardless of the source of your trauma, our experienced counselors can offer you relief. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and traditional counseling, we can help you manage symptoms and avoid triggers. Our goal is to help you lead a healthier and more stable life. 

Alternative Natural Treatments in Grayslake, IL

If you are looking for a non-medicated path to improved mental health, NPS is the place for you. Although we do support the use of medications when needed, we also strive to find alternative natural treatments when possible. The answer to better health for you may lie with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, neurofeedback therapy, or traditional counseling. Once we’ve gotten to know you and understand your mental health needs, we can prescribe the most effective course of treatment. 

Counseling for Women in Grayslake, IL

The pressures women face in our modern society are notably different from those men face. If you want to speak with a counselor who understands the needs, concerns, and challenges of women, turn to NPS. We’ll address every facet of your health, including your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Counseling for Men in Grayslake, IL

Are you feeling crippled by the unique challenges facing men in Grayslake, IL? Rest assured that at Neal Psychological Specialties, we see you and hear you. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a little support to turn things around. In those cases, counseling is a great solution. 

Pornography Addiction Recovery in Grayslake, IL

Every year, pornography addiction becomes more and more prevalent. If you are struggling to quit the habit, know that your experience does not stem from a lack of character or a moral failure. Our team can provide you with the necessary tools for finding freedom. Together, we can help you avoid triggers and incorporate the neuroscience of addiction into your recovery. 

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