Finding a Well-Balanced Life
in Fox Lake, IL

There is no greater gift than a well-balanced life. If you are struggling to find an equilibrium between your personal, professional, and family responsibilities, counseling can help. For Fox Lake, IL, residents who are navigating the highs and lows of life and/or dealing with a mental health disorder, NPS is the best resource for finding peace and hope. 

We love and appreciate our clients in Fox Lake. Here is an overview of the specialties we cover for individuals living in this area:

Our team is here to help you find emotional, physical, and spiritual stability. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help.

Educational Issues in Fox Lake, IL

Sometimes, getting the educational support your child needs is more complicated than it should be. Turn to NPS, where we partner with a local educational services coordinator to help our clients streamline scholastic processes. Plus, our team offers life skills coaching, time management support, ACT/SAT prep, and more. Bring your hopes, concerns, and goals to us and we’ll work together to get your child where they need to be. 

Counseling for Anxiety in Fox Lake, IL

“Anxiety” is a term we hear often in our daily lives. But how does one spot the difference between general anxiousness and an actual anxiety disorder? Come to NPS and we’ll help you receive an accurate diagnosis so you can move forward with helpful treatment. Post-traumatic stress disorder, OCD, financial anxiety, and panic disorder are just a few of the anxiety disorders we treat. Call us today and tell us more about what’s going on. 

Counseling for Depression in Fox Lake, IL

You know you’re suffering from depression if you are feeling sad, down, hopeless, and/or sapped of energy for several weeks. If this describes your situation, please don’t hesitate to call. We can get you started on a range of natural treatments, including counseling, neurofeedback therapy, and light therapy. Before long, you’ll rediscover your hope and wholeness. 

Counseling for Substance Use Disorder in Fox Lake, IL 

More than 90% of people with substance use disorders do not receive treatment. Unfortunately, left untreated, SUDs can cause serious problems for a sufferer, including in their professional and private lives. If you are ready to manage the symptoms of your disorder and continue on the path to sobriety, our counselors are here to support you. Remember, substance use disorder is not a character flaw or a moral failing, it’s a chronic disease that can be treated.

Counseling for Young Adults in Fox Lake, IL

Young adults face more challenges now than ever before. If you or a loved one are struggling to find your footing, there is no shame in asking for support. At our center, you can expect an empathetic but practical approach to counseling. And remember that we offer additional support to young adults suffering from depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, or other mental health challenges. 

Trauma Recovery in Fox Lake, IL 

Recovering from trauma is sometimes a lifelong process. But we believe that hope, happiness, and healing are possible for every person who walks through our doors–no matter how large or deep their wounds may be. We recommend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an effective tool for rerouting negative thoughts and working through past traumas. Give us a call today to learn more about how counseling can help.

Pornography Addiction Recovery in Fox Lake, IL

Sometimes, all the willpower, determination, and desire to quit in the world is not enough to overcome an addiction. If you are struggling to stop viewing pornography, counseling can help you treat the neuroscience portion of your disorder. We are here to help and support you no matter what part of the journey you are currently on. From preparing to quit to preventing relapse, counseling can make the process easier. 

Counseling for Men in Fox Lake, IL

Men today struggle with more burdens and responsibilities than ever before. If you are feeling crushed by the pressure of professional growth, marital disputes, singleness, divorce, addictive behaviors, or more, give us a call. We can develop a personalized treatment plan so that you can move forward toward the life you want to live.

Counseling for Women in Fox Lake, IL

When you are looking for a counselor, it’s important to find someone who appreciates all the aspects of your identity. As a woman, you have physical, mental, and spiritual needs that require attention. Turn to NPS and find counselors who have extensive experience in these important areas. We are here to help you navigate the highs and lows of life and move forward to the next step on your journey. 

LGBTQ Counseling in Fox Lake, IL

The journey of understanding, accepting, and embracing your own sexual and gender identity can sometimes be a challenge. Regardless of where you are on that journey, counseling can be a healthy and helpful resource. Our counselors have experience in helping those who are questioning their sexual/gender identity, navigating the coming out process, coping with societal discrimination, and more. We can also offer simultaneous support for disorders like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Call today to learn more. 

Christian Counseling in Fox Lake, IL

If your faith is a major influence on your life and plays a role in how you make decisions, it makes sense to incorporate it into your counseling journey. At NPS, we offer Christian counseling services, to those who are interested, for this very reason. Get in touch to learn more about how we can incorporate the spiritual dimension into your sessions. 

Marriage & Couples Counseling in Fox Lake, IL

Every relationship has its ups and downs. But if you are experiencing far more downs than ups, it doesn’t hurt to meet with a counselor. We can offer a 3rd party perspective on the issues plaguing your relationship. Working together, we can help you and your loved one overcome challenges and attain a more fulfilling life together. 

Family Counseling in Fox Lake, IL

Are you looking for ways to reconnect with your loved ones? Maybe you’re working to overcome a persistent disagreement or differing worldviews. Whatever the case, counseling can help you develop a healthier pattern of communication as you break through barriers that have been holding your family back. We want each member of your family to find renewed hope and healing.  

Teen and Adolescent Counseling in Fox Lake, IL

The adolescent years are notorious for being challenging, and for good reason. As a parent, you may feel at a loss for how to give your loved one space and support at the same time. Our center has counselors who specialize in this area of life and can guide you through challenges. And if your teen is struggling with a substance use disorder, bullying, or classroom struggles, we can help with that too.

ADHD Counseling in Fox Lake, IL 

There is no better resource in Fox Lake, IL, for ADHD support than Neal Psychological Specialties. From accurate diagnostics to educational support, couples counseling, and more, there is no area in which we do not have experience. We want to make sure you feel fully supported in your journey, so be sure to call us today to learn more about how we can help. 

Alternative Natural Treatments in Fox Lake, IL

Medicated treatment of a mental health disorder is sometimes necessary, but we don’t believe it should ever be the first choice for treatment. Instead, we recommend talk therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, neurofeedback therapy, and a host of other natural treatments. Finding balance and equilibrium in your daily life should be as natural a process as possible. 

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