Counseling Services in Bull Valley, IL

Neal Psychological Specialties is a private group practice of counselors who have been serving the village of Bull Valley, IL, for nearly 40 years. We love this community and do our best to bring relevant and helpful psychological services to people of all age groups and backgrounds.

That’s why we offer a wide range of counseling services to help the clients who walk through our doors. Here is an overview of the kinds of services you can expect from our team:

If any of these specialties speak to the type of counseling you’re looking for, give us a call. We offer no-obligation meet and greets so that you can get to know a counselor before you start working with them. 

Substance Abuse Counseling in Bull Valley, IL

Drug and/or alcohol abuse has been proven to change a person’s brain chemistry and behavior. Often, this makes it even more difficult for a person to control their use of an addictive substance. 

If you are ready to finally reach your goals and set aside the negative effects of addiction, our counselors are here for you. We know that overcoming addiction takes more than willpower or a strong mind. That’s why we work with local substance abuse recovery programs to help you make lasting changes.

Alternative Natural Treatments in Bull Valley, IL

For many people, medicated treatment is a good and necessary choice. But if you would like to explore other options, our counselors provide alternative natural treatments as well. We know that committing to a medicinal routine is less than ideal for some, and we want all of our clients to find the best treatment plan for them. 

We like to say that we are people-centered, rather than disease-centered. So when you come to our clinic, you can trust that your counselor will actually listen to your needs and preferences. We won’t stop until we find a treatment that promotes your overall health, rather than just easing your symptoms.

LGBTQ Counseling in Bull Valley, IL

We understand that people within the LGBTQ community have unique concerns and challenges they face. Our counselors are sensitive to these needs and ready to support you through every high and low. When you are ready to see how our services can work for you, ask about our specially-trained counselor who has experience in this field.

Family Counseling in Bull Valley, IL

If your family is struggling with communication issues and/or conflict resolution, you are far from the only one. Many families need a little help to navigate their unique issues, especially during times of change or instability. Our counselors understand how important it is for every member of the family to feel heard, seen, and understood. And we will facilitate a safe space for everyone to voice their needs and concerns. 

We believe in the importance of working with a counselor who understands your perspective and life view. So if you’re looking for help from someone with a Christian background, let us know. Our faith-based family counseling might be the perfect fit. 

Young Adult Counseling in Bull Valley, IL

The transition from high school to the real world can be a rude awakening for many young adults. The right counselor can help to ease the transition and give your young loved one the support they need. Our clinic has many counselors who specialize in this area of treatment and can handle the needs of young adults with care and expertise. 

Many of our young adult clients are still living with their parents, which often creates some confidentiality concerns between each party. Our counselors are skilled at navigating these types of tricky situations so that there is a clear line of communication and respect. We can help you build a stronger relationship with your young adult while maintaining their confidentiality and fostering their independence. 

Marriage/Couples Counseling in Bull Valley, IL

Ups and downs in a marriage or relationship are to be expected. Financial troubles, unexpected life changes, and the birth of a child are just a few of the obstacles that can cause discord between spouses. When you find that your relationship is suffering because of poor communication or other barriers, it’s time to consider counseling.

Our family counseling center specializes in marriage counseling for local couples. If you live in Bull Valley, IL, and need some extra support, give us a call.

Trauma Recovery in Bull Valley, IL

Chronic abuse or a single traumatic event has the power to change a person on a physiological level. Overcoming these lasting effects takes time, work, and support. Our counselors offer trauma-informed treatment to help those who have been affected by trauma. We will help to treat the negative side effects of trauma, like insomnia, anxiety, and depression, while simultaneously addressing the root cause of the issue.

Pornography Addiction Counseling in Bull Valley, IL

For anyone who wants to get a handle on their pornography use, our counselors are here to provide insightful and confidential support. We know that overcoming an addiction comes down to more than just willpower, and we have experience in helping people reach their goals. In fact, we have a counselor who has a background in neurobiological network components and specializes in treating addiction.

ADHD Counseling in Bull Valley, IL

There are many adults, teenagers, and children in our local community who live with ADHD. At Neal Psychological Specialties, we know that ADHD comes with many beautiful effects, but that sometimes a little extra support is required. We offer many non-medicated alternative strategies to ADHD treatment. And we even provide ADHD testing and diagnosis within the doors of our counseling center. Get in touch today to learn more.

Educational Issues in Bull Valley, IL

As longtime members of the Bull Valley, IL, community, we understand the educational needs of local residents. In fact, we are very familiar with the area’s elementary, middle, and high schools. Whether you need help navigating the IEP or 504 process talk, or have some other educational issue, we can help you and your student find success.

Adolescent and Teen Counseling in Bull Valley, IL

In our center, we believe that every teenager is brimming with talent and brilliance. It’s our goal to give them a safe place to explore their hidden talents and become the person we know they can be. Trust our counselors to teach your teen how to cope with challenges, meet their goals, and achieve a well-balanced life. We’ll make sure that he or she feels seen, heard, and understood every step of the way.

Anxiety Counseling in Bull Valley, IL

If you live in Bull Valley, IL, and struggle with anxiety, turn to one of our counselors for help. We will provide you with an array of alternative treatments so you can find a natural path to healing that doesn’t include medication. 

At our center, we understand just how devastating the effects of anxiety can be. No one should have to live with difficulty sleeping, loss of energy, lack of motivation, and more. Trust our counselors to help you get back on track.

Depression Counseling in Bull Valley, IL

To some, depression means simply feeling sad or “down in the dumps.” But at Neal Psychological Specialties, we know that depression is actually a very serious medical issue. At its best, it can cause someone to feel fatigued, unmotivated, and pessimistic. At its worst, it can leave someone with feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, and guilt on top of everything else.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of depression, our counselors are here for you. We offer both medicated and non-medicated treatment plans to help you combat depression and begin enjoying life once more.

Christian Counseling in Bull Valley, IL

NPS is proud to serve people from all types of backgrounds and faiths. If you practice Christianity, our Christian-based counseling services will help you approach your challenges from a faith-based perspective. At our center, we are here to help you overcome difficulties, find purpose in life, feel happiness and joy, and achieve a well-balanced existence. 

Incorporating the spiritual dimension into your approach to wellness and life will open many doors for you. Trust our counselors to treat you with grace, tenderness, and compassion—and know that we are never forceful or heavy-handed in our counseling services.

Counseling for Men in Bull Valley, IL

There are many different messages about “what a man should be” in this day and age. As a result, it can be difficult for men in Bull Valley to find an authentic and fulfilling approach to life. 

If you are struggling to deal with the aftermath of a divorce, a pornography addiction, substance abuse, or any other challenge, our counselors can help. We consider it an honor to help you navigate these issues and find more fulfillment and joy in your life.

Counseling for Women in Bull Valley, IL

At Neal Psychological Specialties, we respect and honor the women who enter our counseling center. And we are proud to offer a range of services to help the women of Bull Valley find greater peace and satisfaction through our holistic approach to counseling. 

Call us if you need help treating depression or anxiety, managing an eating disorder, dealing with infertility, or navigating a tumultuous relationship. Our counselors are dedicated to treating the mind, body, and soul of every person who enters our clinic.

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We know that for many potential clients, signing up to meet with a counselor is far outside their comfort zone. We want you to feel safe and supported at every session, which is why we offer free 15-minute meet and greets for all new clients. Call today to schedule an appointment and get to know your counselor before you start working with them.

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