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If you need help managing a mental health issue, overcoming a traumatic event, or navigating a big life decision, a counselor in Bartlett, IL can guide you forward. At Neal Psychological Services, our counselors have served people from Bartlett of all ages and backgrounds for more than 30 years. 

We know that life’s struggles can affect all areas of a person’s wellness. That’s why our counseling services focus on integrating the body, mind, and soul—so that every client leaves feeling uplifted in every possible way. Whether you need individual, couple, or family counseling in Bartlett, we are here for you. 

Our Comprehensive Counseling Services in Bartlett, IL

Counseling is a great solution for many of life’s issues. In our clinic, we provide this comprehensive list of services to help anyone in need:

No matter what you are going through, our counselors are here to help. 

Young Adult Counseling in Bartlett, IL

After the pandemic and other traumatic events of the last few years, young adults in Bartlett have been through quite a bit. People in this age group continue to suffer from the effects of isolation, unemployment, and other unanticipated life events. 
If you or a loved one is in need of some support, our counselors are here to lend it. We know just how frustrating and lonely the last couple of years have been, and we want to help anyone who might be struggling with anxiety or depression. 

In our clinic, we are both skilled and trained at connecting with young adults who are struggling. We help clients in this age group as they strive to set and reach major life goals.

Family Counseling in Bartlett, IL

Likewise, the disruptive state of a worldwide pandemic has had many negative effects on families in Bartlett. Fortunately, our counselors are adept at supporting those who strive to recalibrate their marriage and family dynamics.

If you and your loved ones are under unprecedented stress, it’s time to find practical solutions. With our counseling services, you’ll discover a safe space to work through issues and find a path forward.

LGBTQ Support in Bartlett, IL

The LGBTQ community in Bartlett, IL, has a special place in our hearts. Our counselors are sensitive to and aware of the many challenges that continue to face individuals within this community. Whether you need someone to discuss personal or professional issues, we are here for you. Allow us to help you navigate the complicated and emotional experiences you face.

Alternative Natural Treatments in Bartlett, IL

We want each and every client who walks through our doors to leave feeling better in every possible way. And we know that true healing takes time and treatment of the body, mind, and soul. That’s why we focus on alternative natural treatments for those who prefer to avoid medication when possible.

Of course, medicated treatment for mental health issues are sometimes necessary. But our counselors are experts in helping clients find balance through other methods as well. Working with the body’s own innate systems can often alleviate or eliminate a person’s experience with anxiety or depression.

Substance Abuse Counseling in Bartlett, IL

As substance abuse continues to be a problem nationwide, residents in Bartlett, IL, are not immune. Unfortunately, this problem affects both the individual and their family in many ways. Our counselors have experience in supporting people in these situations. And we are especially adept at working with those who have recently completed an inpatient or outpatient recovery program. 

We know that substance abuse recovery is a process that takes a lifetime. Allow us to support you through the highs and lows of the sobriety journey. 

Pornography Counseling in Bartlett, IL

Pornography is a struggle that affects people within many age groups. Because of easy access to the internet, it is now possible for adults, young adults, adolescents, and even children to access this kind of content at virtually any time.

In our clinic, we understand that pornography addiction is not a moral issue or character failure. Instead, we view this issue through a neurological lens and know that pornography habits have the potential to actually rewire our brains. If you are looking for freedom from this addiction for yourself or a loved one, we can help.

ADHD Counseling in Bartlett, IL

At Neal Psychological Specialties, we understand the many positive and beautiful benefits of ADHD. We also know that it can complicate a family’s financial, academic, work, and personal situation. That’s why we are specially qualified to help you navigate the highs and lows of this condition.

In our clinic, we offer a 15- to 20-minute computer test to diagnose ADHD. Once we have an official diagnosis, we can provide coaching and other non-medicated solutions to the challenges you face. 

Trauma Recovery in Bartlett, IL

Sometimes trauma results from a single event. Other times, it is the result of repeated or ongoing abuse. Either way, it can be difficult to recover from the many negative and suffocating effects of trauma.

If you have been left feeling broken or shattered because of a traumatic situation, our counselors can help you find freedom. We know that trauma can rewire the brain and we are here to help you rediscover yourself and your independence little by little.

Are you interested in a path forward that avoids medication and instead focuses on natural remedies? Trust our counselors to provide you with strategies that work for your specific goals. 

Marriage and/or Couples Counseling in Bartlett, IL

It is not unusual for married couples to feel tremendous stress placed on their relationship from time to time. This is especially true in the era of COVID-19 as more and more people face financial hardship, more time spent at home, and other unexpected life changes. 

If you need help getting your relationship back on track, it may be time to consider counseling. At Neal Psychological Specialties, we can help you work through problems to restore and rebuild your relationship.

Counseling for Women in Bartlett, IL

If you are feeling stressed, overstretched, and worn thin, you are not alone. Many women in the Bartlett, IL, area have found themselves in similar situations. Our counselors know the issues facing women in our community and can help you find a path forward. Whether you are a wife, a partner, a mother, a career woman, or all of the above, we will help you find balance through life’s many challenges.

Counseling for Men in Bartlett, IL

For some men in Bartlett, IL, balancing work, finances, family, and a personal life seems to become more difficult every year. If you are feeling anxious, depressed, fatigued, and/or unsupported, counseling is the perfect solution. 

At Neal Psychological Specialties, we have counselors who are uniquely skilled and trained in dealing with the issues men face. We can help you find a practical solution to your specific challenges. 

Educational Issues in Bartlett, IL

Our educational counseling services are designed to support clients at any stage of their educational journey. Specifically, we offer SAT prep, learning disability resources, organizational coaching, and time management support. We work directly with a local educational services coordinator who can help your student navigate their next steps.

Whether your student attends a private or public school, we are here to help identify and reach goals. Trust our counselor to listen to the dreams, goals, and concerns of both parent and child to create an educational plan that fits every need.

Adolescent and Teen Counseling in Bartlett, IL

No one would claim that a person’s teenage years are easy. If your adolescent loved one is in need of support, that’s nothing to be surprised or concerned about. 

Our counselors are skilled in treating depression and anxiety for people in this age group. We can also help those who struggle with the effects of too much screen time, pornography addiction, substance abuse, discord with parents, and a variety of other problems. 

Depression Counseling in Bartlett, IL

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues facing Americans today. In fact, some reports indicate that as many as 8% of American adults are affected by depression each year.

If you are ready to combat some of the negative effects of depression—like chronic fatigue, irritability, and sleep disturbances—turn to one of our counselors. We can help you find both the non-medicated and medicated solutions you need. 

Anxiety Counseling in Bartlett, IL

Anxiety can leave a person feeling unable to cope with even some of the most basic of life’s responsibilities. If you are tired of living with the burden of anxiety’s negative side effects, it’s time to call a counselor. At Neal Psychological Specialties, we’ll help you find a treatment plan that works. Whether you require medication or not, there is a range of alternative strategies and techniques we’d love to show you as well.

Christian Counseling in Bartlett, IL

The best way to experience counseling in Bartlett, IL, is with the help of a professional who knows where you are coming from. If you are interested in finding a counselor who will approach your challenges through a Christian lens, we can connect you with one.

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