Why a Qb Re-Take Test

Re-testing on the QbTest assessment is essential to determining whether your medication, supplements or other non-medication approaches are at the highest optimal level.

No more waiting days or weeks, losing precious time in the classroom or at work and relying only on rating scales from the teacher or family member. This test is our way of ensuring that a person is not over- or under-dosed in using a medication or supplement.

Far from what the prevailing mindset is, most people are actually under-medicated or not taking enough of a supplement, which is why many stop taking it after a while. Since every person responds differently to treatments, sometimes it takes multiple trials of different treatments until you experience the desired results.

We whole-heartedly believe that if a medication/supplement changes a person’s innate personality or makes them a “zombie,” they should stop taking it. The goal of any treatment choice is to clear away the distraction, impulsivity, or hyperactivity so that the person’s real gold—their gifts and skills—can rise to the surface of their lives and shine.

There are many medications and non-medication approaches that have been used effectively for treating ADHD. Dr. Neal tells his clients that he will not give up until he can find a treatment that works.

Treatment combined with ADHD coaching will optimize your success in managing ADHD. For those clients who prefer a non-medication approach, Dr Neal will review with you the many alternative approaches to medication. 

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