About Our Counseling
Services in Elgin, IL

When you need relief from life’s stressors, a shoulder to lean on, or support for your mental health disorder, you want a counselor who hears and sees you. That relief can be found at Neal Psychological Specialties, where every client is treated like a member of the family.

We serve clients of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. And we treat a wide range of life stressors and mental health disorders. Our center has been serving clients in Elgin, IL, and the surrounding areas for more than four decades. Here’s a look at the counseling specialties we offer:

Marriage/Couples Counseling in Elgin, IL

Healthy relationships are built on love, trust, and respect. If yours is lacking those key features, counseling can help you and your partner get to the root of the problem. At NPS, we help couples establish healthy communication so they can move through challenges and find joy in the journey. We also work to heal the long-lasting wounds of infidelity, pornography, and betrayal.

Whether you are dealing with a major roadblock in your relationship or simply need a supportive third party to help you better communicate, give us a call. We want to help you find renewed hope and fulfillment in your relationship.

Family Counseling in Elgin, IL

Families turn to counseling for a number of reasons. We work with clients who are dealing with blended family situations, sudden changes to daily life, turbulent teen years, and a host of other difficult circumstances. Whatever your reason, family counseling is helpful in improving communication, establishing boundaries, and promoting healthy family dynamics.

Are you ready to turn the page on a new chapter for your family? Meet with a member of our team to tell us more about what’s going on. 

Adolescent and Teen Counseling in Elgin, IL

The adolescent years are easy for exactly no one. If you and your child could use some support during this trying time, NPS is here for you. We specialize in treating anxiety and depression and can also help your teen overcome challenges like bullying, classroom struggles, and drug/alcohol abuse.

And because we know that counseling can make a teen feel vulnerable, we are happy to match female clients with female counselors and male clients with male counselors. At our center, we do more than just treat a person’s problems, we take the time to hear and get to know the person. We can’t wait to get to know you and your child and provide relief for your challenges. 

ADHD Counseling in Elgin, IL

Nearly 9 million adults and around 6 million children in the U.S. are affected by ADHD. The most common signs of this disorder include inattentiveness, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. Left unchecked, these symptoms can eventually impact a person’s schoolwork, career, and relationships. 

Thankfully, there are actionable tools that can help a child or adult with ADHD. This diagnosis doesn’t have to be a burden. Neal Psychological Specialties offers diagnosis, education, and counseling for adults, parents, and children affected by the disorder.

Alternative Treatments in Elgin, IL 

Contrary to popular belief, medication is not always necessary when treating a mental health disorder. At NPS, we strive to provide alternative natural treatments whenever possible. Natural remedies include brain-gut axis intervention, mindful meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, acupuncture, neurofeedback therapy, and more.

If you are interested in learning more about our alternative treatments and the natural processes we attend to, please reach out. Although these treatments can have differing outcomes, we believe that healthy daily practices are the first step to a happier and healthier life. 

Counseling for Men in Elgin, IL

The idea of a “real man” can sometimes cause men to struggle with their identities at work, at home, and in their friendships and relationships. But the truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all definition of manhood. If you are on a journey to find yourself and find true meaning in your life, trust NPS to help guide you along the way. 

Counseling for Women in Elgin, IL

At the heart of many of life’s problems is the need to feel heard and understood. If, as a woman, you are struggling to find someone with a listening ear, you can turn to NPS during your time of need. Depression, anxiety, infertility issues, and eating disorders are just a few of the disorders and life circumstances we specialize in. Give us a call to learn more about how our counselors can help you rediscover hope. 

Christian Counseling in Elgin, IL

For people of faith, no aspect of life is truly secular. That’s why, at Neal Psychological Specialties, we offer counseling services that embrace the Christian perspective, for those who are interested. If you want to include conversations of faith in your journey towards health and growth, please let us know. Through faith-based counseling, we will incorporate the spiritual dimension into your personal healing plan.

LGBTQ Counseling in Elgin, IL

Seeking treatment for a mental health disorder is never easy. But for members of the LGBTQ community, it can feel as though there are additional hurdles to jump. That’s because it’s still not uncommon for people in this community to experience prejudices and/or discrimination, even from their healthcare providers. Rest assured that is never the case at NPS.

We work hard to create an environment that is caring, kind, and nonjudgmental. Regardless of your sexuality, gender identity, or expression, you can expect effective and welcoming attention at our center.

Substance Use Disorder Counseling in Elgin, IL

If you need support following the completion of a substance abuse program, our team offers natural and effective treatments of all shapes and sizes. From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to mindful meditation, we can help you find a treatment plan that works for you. 

Substance use disorder is proven to affect the way the brain processes thoughts and emotions, even after a person has achieved sobriety. Therapy is proven to help you heal those malfunctioning processes and find methods of coping with addiction triggers. Call us today to learn more about how our team can help you maintain sobriety.

Counseling for Young Adults in Elgin, IL

Young adults navigate an exciting but vulnerable time of life. Counseling can provide a lifeline during the many unique challenges of this phase. If you or a loved one are struggling, our team is here to help you find your footing. We can support you in gaining independence, embarking on a new career path, or navigating the highs and lows of college life. Our counselors are empathetic, practical, and eager to help you reach your goals.

Trauma Recovery in Elgin, IL

Trauma is defined as an emotional response to a deeply distressing event. Whether you’ve experienced abuse, the death of a loved one, bullying, neglect, or some other traumatic occurrence, our team is here for you. Although everyone processes their trauma differently, many of the symptoms can be managed through counseling. A member of our team can help you overcome your painful past and manage those symptoms. 

Pornography Addiction Recovery in Elgin, IL

Although sexuality is a key component of any healthy lifestyle, pornography can affect your sexuality in an unhealthy way. Because it is a supernormal stimulus, it can affect a person’s brain both chemically and physically over time. 

Failing to overcome a pornography addiction is not a moral failure. Like all addictions, sometimes professional help is a necessary step. Our team is here to support you in your journey and equip you with coping skills so you can manage triggers and avoid relapse. 

Educational Issues in Elgin, IL

Helping your child navigate their school life should not be complicated, but unfortunately, it sometimes feels that way. At NPS, we partner with local schools to help parents and students get the information and support they need. We can support you through parent/teacher conferences, ACT/SAT prep, IEP and 504 planning, and much more. 

Counseling for Anxiety in Elgin, IL

We all feel anxious on occasion. But when that anxiety becomes an impediment to daily life, it’s time to seek help. Anxiety disorders are shockingly common in the United States, with around 30% of adults experiencing clinical anxiety at some point in their lives. If you are grappling with feelings of dread, restlessness, or unbearable tension, you're not alone. Our counselors can help you overcome the overwhelming symptoms of this disorder. 

Counseling for Depression in Elgin, IL

Depression is another common mental health disorder. It’s usually accompanied by strong and persistent feelings of sadness, pessimism, and hopelessness. Our goal at NPS is always to treat depression without the use of medications when possible. Some of the natural treatments we offer include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, neurofeedback therapy, supplements, and exercise. If you’re ready to lift the fog of depression off your shoulders, give us a call. 

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In counseling, a good match between client and counselor is one of the most important details. Let us know more about you and what you’re looking for, so we can find you the best match! Our free 15-minute meet and greets are the perfect opportunity to get to know a counselor before working with them. Learn more by calling us at 815-477-4727. 


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