Rates and Policies

If you are using Blue Cross PPO or Blue Choice Select insurance, we have contracted rates for these plans. Please talk to your clinician.

Unfortunately, we are unable to service any clients that use Medicare or any Medicare-type plan for either a secondary or primary policy.

Sessions and Rates Information


Session Length


Less than 48hr cancellation fee


$125 (or cost of session if less than $125)

Evaluation Sessions

(45 minutes)

$210 (Insurance Code: 90791)

Individual Counseling Session

(45 minutes)

$130 (Insurance Code: 90834)

Counseling Session

(45 minutes)

$155 (Insurance Code: 90847)


(53+ minutes)

$190 (Insurance Code: 90837)


(16-37 minutes)

$90 (Insurance Code: 90832)

Quotient Test for ADHD

(45 minute appointment)

$330 (Insurance Code: 96111 or 96101 96103, AND 90834) AND 90834

  • We also have Skype and phone sessions available upon request.

ADHD Assessment Cost



Appt 1-3 - Intake

view costs

Appt 3 or 4 - Computer Test

view costs

Appt 4 or 5 - Feedback & Diagnosis - Intake

Appt 5 or 6 - Feedback & Diagnosis - (If needed an additional session may be scheduled to discuss medications or non-medication approaches to treatments.)

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Marital/Couples/Family Consult

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Types of Payment We Accept

We accept cash, checks or credit/debit/HSA cards.

(Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express)

The Advantages of Self-Payment

Many of our clients utilize their Health Savings Account or Flex Savings Account to pay for services.

Many of our clients choose to pay for services at NPS apart from their insurance company, because you must have a mental health diagnosis to have services covered by insurance. Clients who pay privately may not want a mental health diagnosis on their permanent medical records.

If you choose to pay privately, you can be assured of the following:

  • We will not need to contact your insurance company
  • You have the ability to choose your counselor based on the needs and values you desire
  • You will have the choice in determining with your counselor the length of treatment and care

You can be confident that your care and personal information is held to the highest standard of privacy allowed by Illinois laws and statutes.


Credit card on file

For your convenience, NPS will keep a credit card or debit card on file for you. Our credit card on file service is compliant with the PCI standard – the highest standard in the industry for credit card transactions. Once we enter your credit card into our system, we can only access the last four digits of your credit card number.

With your permission, we can charge your sessions or tests at the time of service.

insurance filing info

At NPS, payment is due at the time of service. We are an in-network provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois PPO. We will accept your copayment or co-insurance payment. If you have a deductible, then you will need to pay in full at time of service until your full deductible is met. We file insurance the next business day after your session.

If you are covered by another insurance company, we will file your claims for you as a service to you. You are responsible to pay for services upfront. We will mark your claims so that any money owed to you will be sent directly to you. Should the company inadvertently send the money to NPS, we will reimburse you. We will not file claims for any HMO Insurance plans. We will be happy to provide a medical spending statement for you, so you can file the claim to your insurance company. Please request this at the front desk.

We will also e-mail you a monthly statement so you can see the activity and any balances or overpayments on your account. If you require a SUPER BILL or MEDICAL SPENDING STATEMENT, please inform our front desk and we will issue these on the first week of each month, or yearly as you request.

Unfortunately, we are unable to service any clients that use Medicare or any Medicare-type plan for either a secondary or primary policy. 

Insurance Help
We know that the insurance process can be complex at times, so please feel free to call if we can be of any help to you with submitting your claim to your insurance company. 

cancellation policy

Scheduled appointments are an important aspect of you services at NPS; your appointment time is reserved for you. If your appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, it is very important to contact your clinician as soon as possible. Missed sessions cannot be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement, so you are responsible for these charges.

If you do not come in for your appointment you will be charged $125 for the missed session (or the session fee if less than $125).

If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged $125 (unless you are ill or there is an emergency). However, if we are able to fill your appointment time we will only charge $15.

We will automatically charge this to your credit card on file. If you do not have a card on file this fee must be paid within 30 days of the missed appointment.

You can leave a message on our 24/7 hour voice messaging system.

return call policy for dr. neal and the nPS team

We attempt to return calls on the same day or within 24 hours.  If our schedule does not permit us to return a call, or if your call is related to administrative/insurance/billing/appt scheduling/records request/referring medicine prescriber contact info, etc., then you may receive a call from our office admin staff.   We receive multiple requests for return calls during the day and we do our best to prioritize each and every call. 

Sometimes, our schedule is impacted by an unforeseen urgent matter or emergency.  We will then instruct the office to give you a courtesy call to let you know we will be unable to return your call promptly and our office admin staff will do their best to help your need or let you know when we will call you.  If your call is urgent, then as always we will do our best to prioritize your call over that day’s client schedule.   You are important to us.  Please understand if we need to have our office admin return your call.  If it is of a highly personal nature, please let the staff know you prefer to talk with your clinician confidentially due to the nature of the call and we will be happy to return your call as soon as our schedule permits. 

Katie, our front desk supervisor is highly trained and experienced in the nature of the type of calls we receive for counseling and assessment.  She understands the confidentiality and personal sensitivity of a client’s needs.  She has worked with Dr. Neal for many years fielding a multitude of calls of an urgent nature.  She will always do her best to refer any calls that need to be handled directly by Dr. Neal or one of our team members.

Video Chat Services

Dr Neal is available via video chat, telephone or Face Time if you are unable to drive to his office location in Crystal Lake, Il. 

Dr Neal is available face to face in his Crystal Lake office location mid March - December. 

During January - mid March, Dr. Neal works remotely via video chat.  He will not be in the office at 185 Heritage, Crystal Lake, Il.  He has been working remotely for many years.  Most clients find that it works very well for them.  Some even prefer it as it saves them driving to the office and they can have their session from any location they prefer.  Dr. Neal uses a video conferencing platform called Vsee.  It is very similar to Skype. Dr. Neal uses Vsee since it meets the industry standards for HIPAA compliance and is considered one of the most secure video chat platforms.  He is also available on the phone, Face Time or Skype. 

There is no additional charge to you for this video chat.  It is easy to download to any device.  We provide easy step by step instructions and will help you download it. 


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