Men's & Male Teens Issues

Dr. Neal’s own personal journey toward masculine wholeness has given him the principles to reject passivity and lead responsibly in his sphere of influence. He is experienced in identifying the social, marital, and personal issues that keep men from being all they have been created and called to be.

Most men really have no idea of what it means to “be a real man” at home or at work.  There are a lot of counterfeit definitions that miss the mark of a true man.  Dr. Neal is experienced in counseling men in areas of professional growth, home roles of husband and father, pornography and sexual addiction, depression, anxiety and ADHD/ADHD. For years, he has helped husbands respect and love their wives more fully and he has helped dads learn how to lead their sons and daughters to be all they were created to be.

Dr. Neal has helped men to move obstacles in their personal and professional lives, and to identify the interpersonal dynamics that need changing. Dr. Neal is straightforward, down-to-earth, and considers it a privilege to come along men in their journey toward freedom.

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Doug Neal


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Zach Neal


Zach works with couples, teens, and young adults. He counsels more specifically in the areas of ADHD, marriage/couples counseling, and men’s issues. Zach completed his Master’s degree...Meet Zach Neal