Why a Quotient Re-Test?

Quotient ADHD SystemRe-testing on the Quotient assessment is essential to determining whether your medication is optimized. No more waiting days or weeks, losing precious time in the classroom or at work and relying only on rating scales from the teacher or family member. This test is our way of ensuring that a person is not over or under medicated. Far from what the prevailing mindset is, most people are actually under medicated, which is why many stop taking the medication after awhile.

Since every person responds differently to medications, sometimes it takes multiple tries on different dosages or various medications until you experience the desired results. 

We whole-heartedly believe that if a medication changes a person’s innate personality or makes them a “zombie,” they should stop that medication. We want the medication to clear away the distraction so that the person’s real gold—their gifts and skills—can rise to the surface of their lives and shine. There are many medications, both stimulants and non-stimulants, which have been used effectively for treating ADHD. Dr. Neal tells his clients that he will not give up until he can find a medication that works. Medication combined with ADHD coaching will optimize your success managing ADHD. And for those clients who prefer a non-medication approach, Dr Neal will explore all available options.


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